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At Ibridge Capital, we focus on finding solutions suited to your income, credit and location.

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At iBridge Capital, we are solution based advisors.

Searching for affordable home financing? The best loan advisors are here for you.

At iBridge Capital, we are solution based advisors.

We believe that every problem has a solution and this is the mantra we live everyday at iBridge Capital. Our Journey started in 2017 after identifying the challenge which clients face to find reliable , trusted and unbiased advice when it comes to their mortgage needs.

Since then we have helped hundreds of clients who were in complex situations ( banks declined them or had bad credit) with mortgage solutions.

Our team’s expertise lies in finding mortgage solutions for self employed individuals and in arranging construction mortgages for clients looking to build their dream homes. Our commitment to our clients is that we will not waste your time and will get back to you with possible solutions/ feedback within 24 hours of application and document receival.


Bridge Capital agents are experts in providing the best mortgage services to new Canadians as they navigate the challenges that come with purchasing their first home.

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Our clients get a clear blueprint of the programs they are eligible for, tax breaks and options for their first house mortgage.

Our mortgage agents have helped many first-time home buyers purchase their homes with the best mortgage and private mortgage rates.

Renovations are a great way to increase the value of your home and improve the safety, style and functionality of your home. whether you're planning a major home renovation, a new build or a small project, we offer financing options to help meet all your home improvement needs.

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Don’t dread your mortgage payments. you have more financing options than you think. by working with a mortgage agent, you gain access to a selection of mortgage products that may better suit you. learn what else is out there because iBridge Capital can put cash back into your pocket.

Refinancing your mortgage can help lower your mortgage payments and secure you a lower interest rate. financial freedom is around the corner.

Make your mark and purchase your new home. whether you are moving to a new city or searching for your first home, there are a lot of things to consider.

Major decisions take time and getting all the answers in one stop helps. we at iBridge Capital are ready to teach you what you need to know and what to expect. work with licensed professionals that can get the best financing options for you.


Finding a Mortgage Solution that works for You!

Our Mortgage Advisors are equipped with cutting edge technology to deliver real time answers to your questions. Around the clock

Innovative Solutions through creative and out of the box thinking help us achieve more for our clients. Get better results, every time!

Serving clients since 2017 – We are dedicated to helping our customers grow and progress with proactive Mortgage Advice.


Ontario-Wide Mortgage Funding


Renovation Mortgage

  • 2nd Mortgage upto 90% LTV
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Short Term Home Loans
  • No Income/Credit Mortgages
  • Equity Based Lending
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  • Lowest Mortgage Rates from 65+ Lenders
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  • Better than Banks, Guaranteed!
  • Any Credit, Any Income Situation
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Construction Financing

  • Condo & Large Build Mortgages
  • Land or Development Financing
  • Flip-Mortgages, Renovation Loans
  • Builder Purchase Mortgages
  • Pre-Construction Deposit Loans
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Our Commitment

Every agent on our team goes through a rigorous training in mortgage criteria, lending qualification and underwriting. We support them with technology and expertise every step of the way. You will receive a guaranteed satisfaction in results, we hold our team accountable to it! Our knowledge in the Canadian mortgage industry is a testament to the results we achieve for our clients, maintaining 97% approval rates since 2017.

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Prepare for Signing the Documents

Before issuing the commitment, the lender will have looked at all the specifics regarding your application and your credit bureau, and will have decided that it is a file they would like to fund. The commitment will also be accompanied by a list of conditions to be satisfied before the lender will fund the mortgage...